5 Steps to Repair Your Hot Water Heater – House Killer

The majority of people think that, if they discover water in the hot water tanks in their homes, it is necessary to replace these tanks right away. But this doesn’t happen all the time and in some cases all it takes is a simple fix. The initial step in water heater repair is to know the signs of the source of the leak. Your water heater’s temperature and pressure release valve are two the most important safety devices. It opens when temperature of water gets too high and then it gets heated up. This will prevent the possibility of an explosion. Once the water has been let out, the valve needs to be shut completely in order to prevent any drips. It is also advisable to check the drain of your water heater. There is a chance that the valve might not be closing correctly because of water leakage from the drain. You should also check for water around the threads. It is recommended to repair any leaks that are slow or constant.

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