A Look at Activity-Specific Upper Extremity Prosthetics – Health and Fitness Magazine

Bioengineering allows the creation of extraordinary prosthetics which can replicate specific activities in dexterity.

These prosthetics can be removed or made interchangeable so users have the ability to change between them depending on the kind of exercise they’re taking part in. Some prosthetics don’t have hand controls, but they can be recommended to perform certain tasks, like pushing-ups and running.

There are numerous hand-like choices that can be used for sports like volleyball and golf. They can simulate the position and neutrality of a hand when gripping the club , or even spiking the club. Additionally, prosthetics can fit on dumbbells and generate resistance in pools for swimmers.

The ability to be proactive in the development and use of these upper extremity prosthetics is an effective method to make sure the full range of activities that are possible with conventional limbs can be reproduced through prosthetics. The technology can be a game changer to give amputees as well as people lacking limbs access to social and domestic lifestyles.

The technology we have today is an exciting feature in our lives and we’re excited for the technology to develop further! soxft2nfp5.

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