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Diesel vs Gas

Motorbiscuit has reported that diesel engines are able to last longer than gasoline engine. A well-maintained diesel engine can last more than a million miles (driving for about 20 to 30 years) before failing or needing significant repairs. While it’s maintained well it isn’t able to compare to that. It’s likely to break down in the range of 200 miles. Diesel cars cost less to repair and are more likely to require maintenance.

Body Repair

What if your car is involved in a crash? According to LendingTree the repair expenses can be as low as $50-$2500 or more depending on the extent of damage. The cost of replacing or repairing your bumper could cost between $300 and $1500. A paint job is, however, could cost anywhere from $500-$2,500 based on the type of paint. The costs will go even more if you require a welding as a result of severe damage.

Make of the Car

Your car’s brand is important since it could impact your maintenance costs. The general rule is that luxury automobile brands often cost more to keep. Your Mechanic says that Toyota repairs are generally the cost-effective, while BMW or Mercedes Benz repair costs are higher. The Camry as well as the Toyota Prius are two models that have the lowest repairs costs. Meanwhile, vehicles like the BMW 328i or the Mercedes Benz E350 top the listing of the highest priced vehicles to repair. The same applies to collision repairs.

Car Tire Costs

According to NerdWallet, you should change your tires at least every six years or when you notice a loss of traction and wear-out on the tread. Before purchasing new tires, be aware of the state of your existing automobile tires. According to Consumer Reports, you can estimate a cost of $167 per tire. While a car has a median price of $137 for each tire and a pickup truck will cost a median of $187 per tire.

Cars vs. Truck

America loves trucks. However, while looking at the


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