How Much Does Assisted Living Cost Compared to In Home Care? – Money Savings Expert

long-term care. Knowing and comparing costs in assisted living centers to long-term care facilities is crucial. This video provides an explanation of the expenses for both facilities and also demonstrates advantages of receiving care in your home.

It’s assumed that in-home care costs more than care provided at an assisted living facility. It is a mistake to believe that home-based care will always be more expensive as compared to care in an assisted living facility. Every person’s requirements for healthcare differ from the needs of other people. A customized approach is what can be beneficial to each individual.

The presenter notes that the prices for an assisted-living facility will vary greatly based on the area and offerings offered. The most suitable spot for an older adult to reside is at their own home with easy access to health care. Nurse Next Door can help locate local, long-term care. We’ll sit down with you to discuss the needs you have and then create an option that is suitable to your budget. It may surprise you when you learn that home-based care is often cheaper and more affordable than assisted living.


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