How Mulch Is Made – DIY Projects for Home

Trees are recycled to make mulch.

It is long past the times when trees were removed or chopped. Industry is now using the old trees and reviving lawns and gardens.

It begins by removing trees. After trimming the trees of their customers, Mike’s Tree Company crews transport the branches that have been cut as well as tree pieces back to the tree company yard. When they are on property the recycling process will begin. Before grinding into the product, teams will identify the species of trees. They will demonstrate to the process of separating the material and remove dirt, leaves and other inorganic contaminants.

Mike’s Tree Company generates upwards of 8000 cubic yard each season of wood waste. It is then processed and colored. They can provide pickup on site and delivery services for homeowners and contractors, and they are open five each day.

It is possible to see the process by which Mike’s Tree Company turns the branches of your ward’s ward into mulch when you watch the video! Don’t forget to subscribe to watch more videos by Mike’s Tree Company! hmclb9uxcq.

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