How to Acclimate Cats to a New Home

They could be a sign of an undiagnosed health concern. Therefore, taking them to the vet on a regular basis for checks is essential.
4. Allow Your Cat to Have Plenty of time to play

Cats are curious, so giving them plenty of time to explore their new environment is vital. Schedule time in the throughout the day to let your cat explore and play. It will help them feel more comfortable in their unfamiliar surroundings and aid them get used to the layout of your house.

If you’re pet-friendly It’s important to give your cat time to adapt. It is recommended to gradually introduce them and make sure you have ample water and food to everyone. The first couple of days it’s beneficial to place your pet in a cage within the confines of your house. This will let it become accustomed to pets in the household as well as avoid fighting.

A scratching board to your pet is something you should consider. Scratching is the natural behavior of cats and helps alleviate stress. This is why an area to scratch will make your pet feel at your home. It also gives them something to entertain themselves when feeling restless. It can also help them mark their boundaries or establish their territory in the house.

5. Check to see if your cat has Plenty of Hiding Places

One of the most effective methods in order to assist cats to adjust to their new homes is to offer them lots of hiding places. It is safer for a cat when it has a place that it can retreat to, therefore you should ensure that there is lots of places to hide around the house. A wooden box or tree to hide your cat, or throw the blanket in your lounge.

The availability of a variety of shelters for your cat will help to make them feel at home within their new environment. You’ll be able to provide a space to hide when they’re feeling stressed or need to take a break. Plus, it will give you some peace of mind knowing that they have an uninvolved place to stay should there be any other animal in the home.

Like humans, cats need their own space sometimes Therefore, giving them an area to retreat is important. Simple table , with holes cut.


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