How to Have a Luxury Vacation for Less – Best BnB

There are many ways to have luxurious holidays even with limited money by signing up to these loyalty programs. American Express credit cards can enable you to join extravagant lounges like Amex Centurion Lounges as well as Lounge Buddy.

What’s more? You can access elite-like perks and nights for free when you reserve accommodation with Amex’s resort or hotel program, if you hold an American Express credit card. If you are an Chase card holder, making reservations through Chase’s Luxury Hotel Collection and Resort offers you benefits that rival elite.

The reward points you earn can enable luxury trips to be cheaper. Hotels with credit cards can offer regular customers a number of annual complimentary nights. The card can give you up to three nights for free when you’re an IHG Rewards Premium Card or IHG Rewards Card holder.

5. Medical Tourism

It is possible to have the dream vacation , and also receive medical attention in your own country. Well, the fifth tip on how to have an extravagant vacation at a lower cost is to have a tooth rejuvenation treatment, dermatology treatment, or arrange physiotherapy sessions in places that offer top medical services at a lower cost.

The medical care provided in advanced countries such as the US is expensive even for the middle class. Having an expensive elective dental or body procedure like porcelain veneers and plastic surgery done in countries like Turkey, Hungary, South Korea, and Costa Rica o


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