How to Make a Golf Cart Street Legal – Car Talk Podcast

spots like areas with low speeds pedestrian walkways, retirement communities locations like retirement villages, beaches. It is legal. This is what you should know.

1. Popularity

Street-legal golf carts are well-known for their security as well as ease of use. It is speedy enough to keep the user out of trouble.

2. Attractiveness

Golf carts are charming and attractive. It has a slim size , and it has minimal impact on the environment. It can get as much as 45mpg.

3. Size

Golf carts are an excellent way to get around small regions. It can be used to transport cars safely, and help reduce congestion.

Making Golf Cart Legal

The law of the United States allows street-legal golf carts on roads. It should be equipped with the security and lighting requirements that are required for driving on the public highways. In the event that it meets the requirements, it will be legal in the area. The requirements are

*Parking Brake
* Headlamps
* Stop and Tail Lamps
* Reflectors for Reflex
* Front and rear turn signals
* Seatbelts
* Windshield
* Exterior mirrors
* The number for the identification of the vehicle 8v81o952jt.

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