Installing Vinyl Fencing –

The obstacles in the ground, such as trees and shrubs can be avoided. But, it is important to know where underground utility pipes, lines and irrigation structures are. It is also important to follow local building codes.

The necessary tools, including gloves and safety glasses. Line stakes may be employed to help you navigate within the fence’s perimeter. You can mark the position of each post regularly.

The next step is to dig the fence post holes. The post’s diameter for posts of five inches is 12 inches, and the diameter is 10 inches for 4-inch posts. The depth should be at least 2 feet, at the very least ensure that the posts do not touch the frost the line.

Wet concrete pre-mixed concrete should be used for setting the posts. Once you have the post horizontally level, you can add concrete that is four inches or more below the surface. The concrete will be tamping down when you put the concrete in to check the vertical level of the post as you go.

Set up your gates first and give them clearance to swing and open. Set up the remaining fence, attach the fence caps. Then you’re finished!


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