NFPA Works to Support National Electrical Safety Month – InClue

Each year, approximately 300,000 electrical shocks that are not fatal have been recorded. The National Safety Council estimates that electrocution kills up to 1000 people every year.
Regularly scheduled electrical maintenance or repairs could help prevent electrical fires. These are the things you can consider to help prevent the possibility of an electrical fire at your home, regardless of whether you’re seeking the aid of a house wiring company or the nearby electrical contractor.

Check for plugs that are loose in electrical outlets, which can lead to a shock, or even a danger of fire. If you have minor children ensure that any new plugs you purchase are protected.
It is best to avoid using multiple appliances on an individual circuit board, or outlet. This could lead to unintentional short circuits and possibly an electric fire. If too many devices connect to the same outlet The current levels exceed the level of safety, and poses a risk of harm.
Also, it’s important to promote awareness both individually and as an institution. yfa5c6lp7p.

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