The Basics of Spotting Roof Hail Damage – NC Pool Supply

It’s sometimes difficult to see the roof and know when repairs are required. Although it may not be the most important thing to conduct following storms but it’s an excellent suggestion to examine your roof. It’s fun to get on high on your roof and climb up on the ladder, but what about what damage do you expect after a hailstorm? What does a hail damaged roof actually look like? This video explains the signs to watch out for.

The first step is to search for areas in which the grain of the asphalt shingle is worn away. These tend to be quite apparent and on an overcast day, they might be difficult to spot, so bring light sources to ensure the most accurate perspective. Additionally, you should examine the underside of your shingles to find missing tiles. If the tiles are struck hard enough, they’ll come apart quickly. Then, create chalk circles on each of the damaged zones so you are able to locate them easily when you repair.


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