The Most Unusual Gun Range in the World – Entertainment Videos

The United States. Most likely, you’ve been to one. One gun range is quite unique in Switzerland. This video will reveal what makes this gun range unique.

It is believed that the Brunnlisau shooting range may just be the most bizarre shooting area in the world. Much like most shooting venues, the shooters are positioned in the vicinity. However, when they start firing, they fire through a busy roadway at targets on the other side. No cars are ever hit because the targets are elevated over a massive reinforced concrete wall, which divides the road from the range. But, they still fly across the heads of drivers. There isn’t a possible arc where the shots could strike drivers. The facility itself has more than 160 members and 140 soldiers who train there. Every member must be trained and authorizations. There are specific requirements to keep all members in check. They must reload/unload a certain way and they must shoot while lying down on their backs. It also has targets. These look just like standard targets, but have electronic measuring systems that permit the user to be able to see precisely where their shots have landed.


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