Ultimate Guide to Power Connectors – Blog Author

You may not even know the majority of you have not heard of half. It is possible that you have seen only some of them since they are the most common types that can be found at home as well as at school. It is possible that you are inquiring about the other types of power connectors exist. There are several options of power connectors that are available, such as NEMA as well as IEC that includes C20 power cords. They are frequently found in homes, offices along with data centers.

IEC connectors may be used as either outlets or inlets. They utilize a numbering system. The outlets are represented by odd numbers. While the inlets are represented with even numbers. It makes it easier to remember them more easily.

NEMA connectors have a different design. A lot of older wall outlets found in homes and outdated offices are the 1-15 outlets. These are those with two prong connections, while the outlets with 5-15 are three-prong connectors found on wall outlets that have been grounded. 5-15 outlets look similar, and they also feature three prong connections. The 5-20 outlets feature a horizontal blade that is capable of handling higher amps.

This video will cover all that you must be aware of about power connectors and will show you the one that may be available in your house.


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