What Exactly is Copywriting? – Small Business Magazine

The essence of copywriting is the process of creating words that will “convert” individuals. Copywriting can be used for marketing, it is used to get people to take monetary action. The use of copywriting does not have to be limited to words, but can also be represented in images and video.

Copywriting is an art in its own right.

Most people believe that copywriting can be easy, if this is the general definition. It is almost impossible to convince someone to send you money by sending an email to them or wrote an email asking them. It can be an arduous art. It is all about creating words that are evocative or touch the pain points of the person reading.

Find a balance between the needs

To write effective copy, an author needs to understand the reader and the potential advantages of taking the financial decision. If they don’t then all the writing will just be seen as an unnecessary waste of time, and no financial action will be initiated.


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