What Happens After You Recycle Your Used Alkaline Batteries – Economic Development Jobs

Most people have no idea about the process at an recycler of batteries made from alkaline and the place where batteries end up following recycling. This captivating video takes you inside the recycling facility for batteries in Canada.
This video demonstrates how to use recycled batteries to make fertilizer for corn. This video shows you how you can separate different elements from the batteries. Around 92% of an alkaline battery’s components can be reused. In this short video the narration explains the various components of the battery and the process that happens to every component in the recycle process.
This video is a treasure rich source of information that is not widely known to the public. Many people don’t know which components make up batteries or how valuable they are when they are in the hands of the right people. You will be amazed at how many possibilities you can discover when you reuse.
Keep track of the process as the batteries get sorted, processed before being transformed into fertilizer-based products across the United States. qvx6rk67m3.

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