What NOT to Do In Your Custody Battle –

The courts will be seeking out those who wish to improve relationships between each parent and the child. Anyone who is involved in denial or alienation of parental rights needs to give the reason. If not then the court is likely to take it into consideration unfavorably.

A different tip for those in custody battles is to be wary of making accusations which cannot be proved. Even if the allegations are valid there must be evidence that proves to the court that they’re.

The third rule is to avoid talking about the parents of your children in a negative way to your children. A lot of people make this error. It’s hurtful for the children to hear about negative comments made by their parents , even though they isn’t true. The negative comments can also affect the parent speaking out about the negative aspects look bad in the court’s eye, even when that person is completely accurate and experiencing conflict at the time. lzu3c49uak.

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