5 SEO Tips You Can’t Do Without

In order to get some free, targeted traffic to your website, you need some good SEO tips to follow. Regardless as to whether you only follow one of these SEO optimization tips or you’re able to implement all of them, they will help you make more money. While this will take work and you will need to have content that is both useful and interesting, the following SEO optimization tips will get you off on the right track.

Remember the Meta Tags! These are vital and so you need to include them within your title, description and keywords tag. Try to be precise as this will target your keyword. While this is one of the SEO optimization tips that may make you think that you need to put your keywords everywhere possible, you should know that it is possible to overdo things, especially now that Search engines are smarter than ever. So, if they see too many keywords, they may not index it, which is why you only want to use them 3 or 4 times per day. Whenever you do use your keywords, make sure that you put them in bold or italics.

Besides paying attention to your meta tags, you also need to pay attention to your H1 tag. You want to make sure that your main keyword is enclosed within this tag. This is one of those important SEO optimization tips because it tells the search engines to treat the keyword there as though it’s the most important keyword on your entire page.

Once you do all of these things, it’s time to engage in link building. While you may not think of this as part of the important SEO optimization tips, it is truly vital. For this you’ll need to find websites that have a high page rank and whose owner is willing to exchange links with you. Take time to email the website’s webmaster and tell them what keywords you’re targeting so that they can tell whether or not your link exchange wold be beneficial to them. If someone declines a link exchange, that’s on them. Keep going because it’s important work since search engines treat incoming links to your website as a vote of confidence for your website, meaning that the more links or votes you have, the better your website is going to do and ultimately the more money you’ll also be able to make.

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