5 Tips To Becoming The Best SEO Reseller You Can Be

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SEO reselling is a great business to get into right now. For one thing, inbound leads like search engine optimization content have a reputation for working, compared to outbound leads which often fail. On average, an inbound leads has a 14.6% closeout rate, compared to outbound leads that only have a 1.7% closeout rate. Furthermore, an inbound lead can cost up to 61% less than an outbound leads. All of this is probably what’s leading you to Google tips about being an SEO reseller, right? The good thing is that SEO reseller profits are not difficult to get. You just need to be determined and provide the best possible service to your clients! So, without further ado here are 5 SEO reseller tips that are sure to prepare you to become a leading SEO reseller someday!

1. Optimize Content As Much As Possible

Obviously, the goal of SEO content is to optimize – it’s right there in the name. But the importance of the first of these 5 SEO reseller tips is in both the quality and the quantity of key words. If your client gives you a key word that you know few people will Google, you may want to gently suggest changing it, or offer some alternatives. With 75% of Internet users never scrolling past the first page of search results, you need to grab attention as quickly as possible.

2. Offer Customized Content

Yes, a common method of SEO content is the age old article. And yes, articles do work, but they aren’t the only SEO reseller strategy that you should rely upon. In today’s increasingly social world, things like blog posts are great ways to catch potential customers’ attention. You may also want to use lists and in some cases even videos. Work with the client on this!

3. Assist As Much As You Can

Some SEO resellers go above and beyond, and they often get repeat customers as a result. In cases wherein blog posts are used in particular, you may want to help your client in web setup and maintenance. After all, many of these small business owners don’t know exactly how to use the Internet the way an experience SEO reseller might. They’ll appreciate the fact that you care.

4. Help Clients Market Themselves

Again, this about going the extra mile. The great content you provide won’t matter if the client doesn’t have a good online presence. Offer to help them market themselves. Give them advice on things like web design and user friendliness. You’ll be guaranteed to get repeat business.

5. Help Clients Connect Socially

Social media is huge, but it’s often something that small business owners feel lost within. Offer to help them create a social media presence, and ensure that it’s a great one. Suggest social media sites that are popular right now, and show them how to connect.

Hopefully, these 5 SEO reseller tips helped you as much as you’ll soon be helping your clients!

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