Why are Google Rankings So Important?

Internet marketing

According to the most recent statistics, Google controls around 70% of the global search engine market, which makes it one of the most important and influential companies in the whole world. The power the the company currently wields only makes it more amusing that Google’s founders created the first Google “doodle” back in 1998 to inform their employees that they would be hanging out at Burning Man for a few days.

As if anyone needs to be told, Google’s prominence can be attributed to the fact that about 80% of Americans depend on search engines every day; and roughly nearly more than 75% of American web users choose to use Google. This also means that Google rankings has become the most widely used of all search engine rankings systems in the world. This is especially true within the realm of internet marketing.

There are innumerable tools that businesses can used to promote themselves over the internet. There’s SEO blogs, social media SEO, email marketing, and numerous other SEO tools. But even if businesses invest thousands of dollars into internet marketing tools, how do they determine the efficacy of their online marketing campaigns? The answer to that is Google rankings.

Businesses can use Google rankings to gauge how many hits their websites are getting. It’s very simple, the more hits their websites get, the higher they will rank on Google rankings. Thus, a poor Google ranking is a sign that businesses need to do more in terms of online marketing.

By hiring an top internet marketing firm, businesses can put themselves in the best positions to capitalize on the marketing opportunities that exist on the internet. The best news is that they can even save substantial time and money doing it.

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