Why are Google Rankings So Important?

Internet marketing

According to the most recent statistics, Google controls around 70% of the global search engine market, which makes it one of the most important and influential companies in the whole world. The power the the company currently wields only makes it more amusing that Google’s founders created the first Google “doodle” back in 1998 to inform their employees that they would be hanging out at Burning Man for a few days.

As if anyone needs to be told, Google’s prominence can be attributed to the fact that about 80% of Americans depend on search engines every day; and roughly nearly more than 75% of American web users choose to use Google. This also means that Google rankings has become the most widely used of all search engin Continue reading Why are Google Rankings So Important?

Any SEO News is Good News These Days

Search engine optimization

Keeping up with SEO news can be hard to do. The field of search engine optimization, or SEO marketing is constantly evolving. This relatively new online marketing phenomenon has rapidly grown, from its inception to today, into the model by which internet marketers base their strategies. There are few marketing firms these days that do not offer SEO as a service.

SEO news sites struggle to keep up with the speed of developments in the field. One thing that remains constant, however, is the success of optimization as a marketing tool. Inbound leads (like the ones that SEO generates) cost 61 percent less than outbound leads (such as cold calling centers).

Anyone who has been following SEO news avidly knows generally how optimization works. Essentially, marketing firms create high quality content to Continue reading Any SEO News is Good News These Days