How an HVAC System Works – Teng Home

tioning. As you consider an air conditioning system that is typical there is a condenser and compressor, an expansion valve, and an Evaporator. The condenser and the evaporator are each heat exchanger. The condenser is located inside and cools the compressor while it moves air around. The refrigerant helps to cool the air properly. Refrigerant is a special type of substance that is able to switch from gas to liquid fast. It is extremely low in boiling point. It can be boiled at temperatures of -55 degrees Fahrenheit. The expansion valve forms situated between the condenser and the condenser and the evaporator. The inside of the expansion valve is heated by refrigerant. It boils then absorbs the heat. The heat is absorbed through the refrigerant while it evaporates. This is the same way boiling water works. After the water is cooked, it turns into liquid, and then released to the side. This causes damage to the compressor so there are usually never droplets of liquid once it’s turned into solid vapor. Watch this video again for more details about air conditioners.

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