Tips for Comparing New Roof Estimates – Infomax Global

These estimates can prove to be extremely confusing for consumers. Some homeowners have been completely puzzled because they’ve received numerous estimates from roofing contractors. The homeowners were unable to understand the process. The video creator offered some suggestions for potential roofing clients so that they’d have an easier time working with roofing companies. It is important to make sure that every company utilizes the same measurements. Most people believe that they’re all using the exact measurements however they’re not. It is essential to measure the square footage total of the roof, including all the lines.

The third tip is for the potential customer to make a decision what shingle brand and model number that they want. It’s not uncommon for prospective customers to obtain contradictory estimates if they do choose not to specify the maker. The roofing business then picks one and base the estimate on the company they select. He suggests to the audience to use Google to help them but don’t rely too heavily upon rankings or reviews by homeowners. The speaker provides a list of excellent companies for potential homeowners that they can consider for roof projects.

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