This Innovative Indoor Golf Facility Takes Mini Golf to a Whole New Level! – Planning A Trip

small groups that can be played with for fun during gatherings or parties. You can expect zany obstacles such as windmills to be scattered across the green. It’s fun playing mini golf. However, it is prone to becoming tired with many golf courses appearing the same. So, an indoor golf course decided to bring mini golf to the next level. This video will show you how to play mini golf at its best.

Puttshack is an indoor mini golf course in Atlanta, Georgia. It boasts a new and innovative way of playing mini golf. Modern technology is integrated with mini-golf. Each ball contains a computer chip in it, so the computer system knows what ball belongs to whom and also where it’s at. This is vital as points are given to every player according to their golf strokes, regardless of whether they play in dangerous areas or hit bonuses points. Each player takes a turn by placing the golf ball on a small platform. Then, it displays the amount of points and who is taking their turn. The screen displays everyone’s scores similar to bowling alleys of the past. It is a truly incredible sensation.


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