What Will Happen At My Childs First Dental Appointment? – Concordia Research


Dentists are able to treat adults as well as children, which means that they possess a wealth of experience in the various aspects of to dentistry.

When your child’s first dental appointment, it’s a small examination. Your child’s dentist will take a count to ensure they’ve got adequate teeth. They also will confirm that there aren’t any issues with their teeth as the child is still young.

The children will be provided with glasses to guard their eyes from shining light the dentists emit. First appointment with the dentist for your child will be simple and will be a relaxing encounter.

When you visit the dentist in the future you may have take dental x-rays of their teeth and this can be easily done from the dental chair so they won’t have to go to the whole dental practice. About 1 of 5 (20%) children aged between 5 and 11 have at the very least one untreated decayed tooth, so this is why dental x-rays are essential for young children to have.

Your child will receive an item of note or toy following each dental visit. This is how they provide delight to the dental experience of children.


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