How SEO Got Its Google Start

Search engine optimization

As Google rounds out its fifteenth year in business, it has become the most used search engine in the world. However, this is old news, it wasn’t even last year’s news, or last decade’s news. So What is new with Google and the internet world? Marketing. As an industry online marketing has exploded, and much in part due to the ground that was laid by the success of Google.

From humble beginnings, ie. hard drives being stored in storage compartments built from lego blocks, Google has grown to shoulder some of online marketing’s leading ventures. Perhaps the greatest of these developments is search engine optimization. Developed about seven years after Google’s 1998 debut, search engine optimization or SEO has taken the marketing world by storm.

Search engine optimization now boasts a close rate that is over eight times that of traditional marketing. This is achieved all while its inbound marketing tactics keep the cost of SEO at about 61% cheaper than the average marketing strategy.

So how does Google relate to SEO?
That answer is PageRank, almost anyways.

PageRank, named after Google cofounder Larry Page, is only one of a multitude of web page ranking systems that Google has unveiled to order its search results. Search Engine optimization gets its phenomenal results by using the Google rankings to tap into searchers who are keying in to find specific products and services. SEO experts use data driven content to work a link up the ranking system and into the view of people who are looking for those specific services or products.

Search engine optimization is making sure that on the other side of that google doodle is well marketed content to keep the searchers clicking through. In fact, thanks to SEO reporting and the quality that using SEO tools combined with content can provide SEO is generating click through rate that is 25% greater than pay per click advertisements.

As a platform, Google is continuing to push SEO experts towards broader horizons. With the drop of Google’s most recent search engine ranking system, Penguin 2.1, Google forced SEO content providers out of their comfort zones. SEO is now not only invested in search engine results, but also social media and email newsletters as well.

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