Use Search Engine Optimization to Boost Your Bottom Line and to Become a Household Name


Google is all about being the most natural, unforced internet resource out there. The emphasis on organic methods of Search Engine Optimization and unpaid results are what the company thrives on. Click through that comes from organic results generate a 25 percent higher conversion rate than typical pay per click traffic. Google believes in organic online marketing so much that they even rent goats from a grazing company to mow the lawn at their Mountain View, CA company headquarters.

Search engine optimization is making such a big impact on how we do business online that Google has created the ‘PageRank’ algorithm, name after Google co founder Larry Page, to filter out paid results and produce engaging, naturally occurring results. One of the biggest factors in creating the Google rankings algorithm and the growing popularity of Search Engine Optimization is because of how the consumer of today is using the internet. A recent study found that consumers use a search engine to explore products and services about 48 percent of the time where only 24 percent visit the company website and 18 percent use social media to do product research.

Search Engine Optimization is designed to increase ‘online visibility’ and capitalize on the demand for certain products and services. Online visibility refers to the overall rank and where it shows up when a certain keyword search is done. The main strategy of Search Engine Optimization is to use information heavy articles, blogs, and social media content to boost the internet presence and create a indelible impression on the consumer. Search Engine Optimization is taking advantage of doing business over the internet and it is becoming more and more popular with all types of businesses, from little pizza joints to Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about Search Engine Optimization and how it can help your business, start by exploring SEO and internet marketing companies that specialize in Search Engine Optimization.

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