Online Marketing Strategy Search Engine Optimization Designed to Help Businesses Achieve Higher Rankings on Search Engine Results


The competition among businesses is as fierce as ever in the market today. Because so many businesses are already established and new ones are being created every day, consumers have a very wide selection to choose from when they need any sort of goods or services. Though this may be considered good for consumers, many businesses are struggling because of it. The success of a business depends on exposure and standing out from the rest. With such an abundance of businesses for consumers to choose from, this can be quite challenging. The Internet has proven to be an effective means of drawing attention to anything in recent years, especially businesses. To attempt to gain exposure, increase web traffic, and potential leads, businesses can hire Continue reading Online Marketing Strategy Search Engine Optimization Designed to Help Businesses Achieve Higher Rankings on Search Engine Results

Boosting Search Rankings and Inbound Traffic


There is a staggering 434% increase in the number of pages indexed by search engines among companies that blog. That leverage can result in more leads to your website thanks to your search engine rankings, and users ability to find your content. You can drive more traffic by using search engine optimization techniques and various internet marketing tactics.

When searching on the internet, more than 40 percent of users will select the first organic search link. That means that as your links move up the search results page, you can create more traffic to your business. As you analyze incoming traffic, be sure to track the various keyword searches that drove visitors to your si Continue reading Boosting Search Rankings and Inbound Traffic

How Google Can Make or Break Your Business

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The Google company rents goats from a grazing company to mow the lawn at their headquarters. These types of ideas may sound insane, but it is this type of out of the box thinking that makes a business as successful as Google. They have devised many different tactics to make themselves stand out as the leading search engine. In 1998, they depicted the Burning Man as the very first Google doodle. It was their intention to inform people that the co founders were away at the famous Nevada festival.

With Google now being one of the most popular search engines, it is your turn to impress them. Your business website is being ranked by their algorithm, and the quality of your website will determine where you fall in search results.

Why is this so important? Of online adults in the United States, 92 percent of the Continue reading How Google Can Make or Break Your Business

Is Your Business Website Failing to Take Off?

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The use of the internet is at an all time high. Now that just about everyone has a smart phone, the internet is at the tip of every one persons fingers at any given moment. 65 percent of people using the internet on their phones rely on their smartphone to find a local business to shop at. People do not use the yellow pages of the phone book like they used to.

The first tweet that Google ever made was binary code for the words “I am feeling lucky.” That was in 1996, and the internet has come a very long way in the past 17 years. Now a days, if your business does not have a website, it basically does not exist. People use websites now more than ever to research new businesses that they want to frequent. Most people use Continue reading Is Your Business Website Failing to Take Off?

Fundamental SEO Marketing Trends

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Although the internet has probably been the most important invention in the last 50 years or more, over the last five or six years, mobile devices have become the next big thing. In fact, almost two thirds of mobile device users depend on the smartphones and tablets to make purchases, as opposed to those who still shop via laptops and PCs. However, less than half of mobile devices users seek reviews and promotions via their mobile devices. Through internet marketing research, companies monitor closely internet user behaviors on which they aim to capitalize in order to carve a deeper market niche. Of course, in order to exploit trends in web user behavior, the overall intention of businesses is to use SEO marketing to maximize their online footprints and improve their Google rankings.

Search engine optimization cannot be successful without paying close attention to consumer online behaviors and trends. Thus, SEO marketing research has revealed many interesting and valuable facts regarding the tendencies of the typical web consumer. For instance, marketing researchers have found that only around 25 percent of web users prefer sponsored results over organic results. However, this is not surprising, as most internet users find few things more annoying than internet advertising. Furthermore, SEO marketing research has also discovered that it is more than 60 percent cheaper to attain inbound leads, as opposed to outbound leads. Perhaps the most significant web user habit uncovered by SEO marketing research, however, is that the top ranked organic results are only clicked on by slightly more than 40 percent of internet users.

In order for companies to be successful in the online marketing realm of today, smart SEO marketing is fundamental to every business, regardless of size. Although the internet has created a market that is rife with opportunity, it is also over saturated with ambitious and savvy competitors. Therefore, all companies, regardless of size and visibility, must prioritize their SEO marketing plans, if they hope to survive in a pool of ravenous competitors.

Use Search Engine Optimization to Boost Your Bottom Line and to Become a Household Name


Google is all about being the most natural, unforced internet resource out there. The emphasis on organic methods of Search Engine Optimization and unpaid results are what the company thrives on. Click through that comes from organic results generate a 25 percent higher conversion rate than typical pay per click traffic. Google believes in organic online marketing so much that they even rent goats from a grazing company to mow the lawn at their Mountain View, CA company headquarters.

Search engine optimization is making such a big impact on how we do business online that Google has created the ‘PageRank’ algorithm, name after Google co founder Larry Page, to filter out paid results and produce engaging, naturally occurring results. One of the biggest factors in creating the Google rankings algorithm and the growing popularity of Search Engine Optimization is because of how the consumer of today is using the internet. A recent study found that consumers use a search engine to explore products and services about 48 percent of the time where only 24 percent visit the company website and 18 percent use social media to do product research.

Search Engine Optimization is designed to increase ‘online visibility’ and capitalize on the demand for certain products and services. Online visibility refers to the overall rank and where it shows up when a certain keyword search is done. The main strategy of Search Engine Optimization is to use information heavy articles, blogs, and social media content to boost the internet presence and create a indelible impression on the consumer. Search Engine Optimization is taking advantage of doing business over the internet and it is becoming more and more popular with all types of businesses, from little pizza joints to Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about Search Engine Optimization and how it can help your business, start by exploring SEO and internet marketing companies that specialize in Search Engine Optimization.