Why A Higher Search Engine Ranking Is So Important These Days

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A search engine ranking has importance for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that 88 plus percent of the world’s online users who are aged 14 or older are looking around for products consistently. Of those users, about 40 percent will use social media to follow up, to request additional information or to connect with suppliers. How does this relate to a company’s search engine ranking? The higher the ranking, the more noticeable the company is.

This is of particular importance for the search engine rankings that companies have on Google, which is largely considered the No. 1 search engine in the entire world. Google rankings are top priorities for companies needing to increase their rankings, since most everyone uses the site to look up stuff. The company has led the charge for decades, since it was still in its infancy as a research project and not a company. When its founders were working on the PageRank algorithm, or today’s gold standard for search engines, they used LEGO bricks to store their hard drives. This innovation leaks into everything the company does, so there certainly is a reason why it has sustained itself for so long.

But back to obtaining a higher search engine ranking, it is important due to the leads it generates for companies that are listed high on a search engine ranking. Research consistently shows that inbound leads like those from search engine optimization cost significantly lower than outbound leads, or about 61 percent less, yet they produce better results. This tool is utilized most efficiently to garner higher rankings for companies. The tool too is used to help generate more pages via blogging, which has shown that 434 percent more indexed pages are produced for companies that blog, leading them to higher rankings too.

Obtaining a search engine ranking for purposes of reaching today’s vastly higher mobile users is important as well. Nearly 50 percent of all people using mobile devices today will use these devices to look up product information and promotions, so today’s companies must be consciously aware of this as they target their audiences and reach their search engine ranking goals. So in summary, today’s companies must be fully aware of the role that having a higher search engine ranking plays in creating more exposure for them, and most are highly encouraged to use SEO and other tools to get them there.

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